KANTTORIN KONE Throttle Consoles

We design and build metal throttle consoles for WWII flight simulators and virtual pilots' home cockpits. If you feel the modern HOTAS-controllers are unsuitable for your Second World War home cockpit this is a great vintage looking choice for you. Console has more axes, levers, steering wheels and physical buttons than any other similar throttle unit in the game controls market. Notice that we have a mirrored left-handed versions too.

Our throttle consoles are planned to function with the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles, IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs Of Dover Blitz-Tobruk, DCS World and War Thunder fighters, jabos and twin-engine bombers.

Our Consoles have durable and sharp vintage style mechanical levers(throttle and RPM) with the magnetic hall sensors. The designer and manufacturer of the metal levers is the famous Ukrainian simulator controllers maker GVL224. The metal case of the console is manufactured (laser-cut and bent) industrially and painted in the professional paintshop to dark grey (almost black) with metal sheen.

Most of the wiring is connected to the circuit board, toggle switches, rotary switches, buttons and shafts with detachable Dupond or screw terminals, making them easy for the user to replace and maintain. Switches and components are not eternal in any controller, and by unscrewing the six screws on the base plate, maintenance and component replacement are quick.

96 buttons + 8 axis + 4 rotary encoders

Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console - Extended production model 2021 with some new vintage style rotary switches around the throttle handle.

Kanttorin Kone Bomber Console - Most of the color coded wiring cables are connected with screws and pin connectors with the groups of eight buttons.

Kanttorin Kone Bomber Console - Production model 2020 has only a slight difference with switches from the newer 2021 model.

More Bomber Console pictures below in connection with the LLv44_Kanttori's Home Cockpit

60 buttons + 8 axis

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console - production model.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console - production model.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console - production model.

Kanttorin Kone Jabo Console - production model.

How to Order a Bomber or Jabo Console?

We have an international sales to European Union Countries, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia.

NOTICE: The metal cases and throttle mechanics and also all the components prices and shipping costs from the international online shops are raised because of the pandemic. All the components of the Jabo Console already cost almost as much as the Bomber console, which has only some of the cheapest switches more. We therefore need to increase the price of the Jabo console by 30 EUR and the new price will be 425 EUR this summer and is likely to rise to 450 EUR in the fall. But it's worth of that!

We are collecting 200 EUR prepayment from the Bomber Console and 150 EUR prepayment from the Jabo Console via PayPal. This applies to all my new customers and all the new orders. With that prepayment we pay out the most expensive parts and components to my subcontractors and manufacturers in Ukraine, Great Britain and Finland.

The balance is paid when the console is ready for shipping. The second payment of the Bomber Console is 395 EUR and the Jabo Console 245 EUR + shipping costs 30-35 EUR to European Union countries. Notice that the air cargo to non-EU countries is temporary very expensive during the pandemic: appr. 84 EUR / 100 USD. EU Countries shipping prices are almost normal.

Find out that the waiting time is about two months from the order to shipping. We have a summer holiday from the beginning of June to the end of August and a winter vacation in December.

Subscriptions and Questions

If you want more information of the product, please send me E-Mail or Subscription Form from the Contact Page »

LLv44_Kanttori's Home Cockpit

LLv44_Kanttori's home cockpit: 52 inch NEC Multisync monitor (1080p), Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console (Extended type), Slaw Device 109 pedals and Baur KG13 Grip (Lufwaffe) stick.

This is my (LLv44_Kanttori's) DIY home cockpit: It is also a very nice workstation and I do all the computer work here right now. The BMW seat has plenty of adjustments, the back pain ended where I moved here. The keypad has been made even more convenient and on the right side now has a freely adjustable stand with a 28-inch secondary display for work and a navigation map.

LLv44_Kanttori's home cockpit: 52 inch NEC Multisync monitor (1080p), Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console (Extended type), Slaw Device 109 pedals and Baur KG13 Grip (Lufwaffe) stick.

LLv44_Kanttori's home cockpit: 52 inch NEC Multisync monitor (1080p), Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console (Extended type), Slaw Device 109 pedals and Baur KG13 Grip (Lufwaffe) stick.

LLv44_Kanttori's home cockpit: 52 inch NEC Multisync monitor (1080p), Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console (Extended type), Slaw Device 109 pedals and Baur KG13 Grip (Lufwaffe) stick.

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Dutchman Huub's Home Cockpit

Huub's updated home cockpit:  VKB MCG Pro joystick, MFG Crosswind pedals, Kanttori’s Throttle Console, Gametrix JetSeat, Valve Index, Logitech G13 console and 34 inch Dell monitor.

Huub alias "Hsthhsth" from Netherlands wrote in the IL-2 Sturmovik forum: I received this console a couple of weeks ago and I must say, it's awesome. It took some time to get the muscle memory (VR!) but now I would not want to use another console anymore. Compared to the Warthog console this is a whole new experience. Trimming the various axis and controlling the various coolers & shutters feels so much more "real"."

The quality is excellent and the help from Ismo in setting it up is very good. The key mapping in IL-2 is now only for the axis and rotary switches, all other buttons and switches are defined in the console. In one subject I changed the setup from Ismo's advice as I use Joystick Gremlin instead of SV Mapper to define the buttons and switches. SV Mapper does not recognize all key combinations and Joystick Gremlin does. So that made it a lot easier. A big "Thank You" from me to Ismo for this console.

LLv32_Paganini's Home Cockpit

LLv32_Paganini's home cockpit: 48 inch monitor, Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console.

LLv32_Paganini wrote in the IL-2 Sturmovik forum: "I recently bought this excellent piece of vintage engineering. The console is a great immersion enhancer in IL-2 with it's numerous and properly "old fashioned" clicking switches and dials. Perhaps the best single detail for a Bf-109 driver is the big stabilizer wheel on the side (it's working now with all aircrafts' trim wheel). The wheel rotates three times 360 degrees and is thus super exact. It makes flying the 109 a real joy as trimming is an order of magnitude more precise than trimming with joystick buttons or keyboard.

In VR I use a Trackball mouse strapped to my left thigh with a Velcro strap (left in front of screen), so I don't need to reach for the keyboard while clicking around in the game interface. I don't have the space for a separate cockpit so I have to fit all the stuff in my normal work environment. Thus my stick is permanently mounted on the side and the Console itself sits on a movable side table so it can be pushed out of the way when not playing. The Console also serves as a steampunk-spirited work of art, even my wife admired it!"

LLv32_Modos's Home Cockpit

LLv32_Modo's home cockpit: 52 inch NEC Multisync monitor, Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console e (updated 2019), Slaw Device 109 pedals and Baur KG13 Grip (Luftwaffe) stick.

LLv32_Modo wrote in the IL-2 Sturmovik forum: Here is my cockpit with this new console. I absolutely love it! I also had the first (and bigger) two-engine version of this and I was very satisfied with it, too. But I must say that this smaller one-engine version is better and much more practical. And, besides, this has an engine selector which makes it easy to use with two-engine planes as well.

With a little exercise you can use it without having to look at it at all (so I’m looking forward and confidentially to the next generation VR glasses). Very well made, stabile, precise and enjoyable! This console is handmade in Finland, and I don’t know how long the delivery time is. But I know it's worth waiting for!

LLv44_WonJape's Home Cockpit

LLv44 Jape's home cockpit: 27 inch monitor, Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console (2018), Saitek pedals and Saitek Proflight yoke.

LLv44_WonJape flies mainly civilian simulators, ie passenger planes "from one continent to another". He flies on a virtual airline called BIGGLES AIRLINES with his friends. LLv44_WonJape is also involved in Squadron 44's Junkers Ju88 bomber pilot in the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles game. Here is his user experience of the console:

"I ordered this great gas console from Kanttor when he had already made them, accompanied by a few customer compliments. The installation instructions were so good that after a little head scratching, I got the console to work. Afterwards, I made small visual changes that the observant eye could notice. For the benefit of the console, it should be mentioned that the console is made mainly of metal parts. I enjoy civil aviation flight simulators and this console works great on it as well, and especially on propeller planes with the same type of operating equipment as wartime piston engine bombers. I have been satisfied."

LLv44_Pena's Home Cockpit

LLv44_Pena's home cockpit: Oculus Rift VR-glases, Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console, Thrustmaster pedals and Warthog stick.

LLv44_Pena wrote in the IL-2 Sturmovik forum: "I recommend this throttle console. I have used actively this Black second edition already six months and it has been wonderful. I am a VR flier with Oculus Rift and everything in the console can be used without looking it. Also the Service has been best possible. I have used the console with IL2 and WT.

I include here a photo of my setup. It is not beautiful but I have targeted to maximum functionality without additional burden. I have a Warthog Joystick, tuned by myself, Thrustmaster pedals, Kanttoris throttle console, Gametrix Jetseat motorized seat, Oculus Rift Tough and a 46 inch Samsung display, which I normally cannot see. Computing power is i7 7700 and GeForce GTX 1080Ti. SS is fixt as 2 in SteamVR."

LLv44_Antsu's Home Cockpit

LLv44_Antsu's home cockpit: LG 42 inch 4K-monitor, Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console, some pedals and VKB Gladiator Pro stick.

LLv44_Antsu wrote in the IL-2 Sturmovik forum: "Yeah, I got this console about six months ago and I´m very pleased. The vintage outlook gives you a certain feeling while flying. Also it´s very handy and compact by it´s size. The buttons and swithes are very easy to learn to use without looking which is good forinstance for those using VR- glasses. The amount of buttons and switches is sufficient and therefore your keyboard is practically unnecessary while playing your game. As far as I know this console can also be used, not only with IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles, with DCS and Clod...so, I recommend this product for everyone in the virtual sky!"

LLv34_Flanker's Home Cockpit

LLv34_Flanker's home cockpit: Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console, Baur 109 pedals (becoming) and Baur's KG13 Grip (Luftwaffe) stick.

LLv34_Flanker wrote in the IL-2 Sturmovik forum: "I have been using the Kanttori´s Throttle for a while now. It works as intended and any problem I had with it was solved VERY quickly by Kanttori. For IL-2 it is a very good throttle. Set it up by instructions on the site and you are good to go. Mapping was easy and learning Joystick Gremlin ain´t too hard. In DCS it works without using Joystick Gremlin, but for modern jets I would need a bit different throttle. Not that this one would not work, but there are some things one could use like POV hats etc. But I fly mainly WW2 planes, so no real issue. Quality is solid and if you want to replace any of the switches they are easy to find from any electronics hobby store.

Can recommend this throttle. Solid build and has the vintage look without being impractical in the layout. And service has been top notch!"

Mirrored console to left-handed users

Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console - customized mirrored model to left-handed users.

In the picture above is a custom "mirrored" Bomber Console to my left-handed customer from the USA. He is going to use it on his table so there is a small bakellite 50mm (diameter) trim wheel instead of the big 120mm elevator trim/stabilizer wheel (same as the Jabo Console has). Only the trim axles are equipped with those black bakellite knobs (and normally with the big trim wheel). All these customizations are possible to order with my current left/right-handed console models.

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