KANTTORIN KONE Throttle Console

I am designing and building metal throttle consoles for WWII flight simulators and virtual pilot's home cockpits. If you think that the modern HOTAS-controllers are unsuitable to your Second Worl War home cockpit this is a real choice to you. Console has more axles, levers, steering wheels and buttons than any other similar product in the game controls marketing.

Technical features

KANTTORIN KONE throttle console is planned to function with IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles and Cliffs Of Dover simulator's fighters, jabos and two motor bombers. The outer metal shell of the console has manufactured (laser-cutted and bended) industrially and painted in the professional paintshop to dark gray with the metal sheen.

The Console has two durable and sharp vintage style mechanical GVL levers (throttle and RPM) which have magnetic hall sensors. The designer and manufacturer of the metal levers is very respected Ukrainian simulator controllers maker Vitaly Goryansky alias GVL224. He is also the designer of the MJ16/GVL224 USB-circuit board which is inside this console.

Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console - plan scheme.

These functions in the plan picture above are only for example how you can map that console in the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles simulator. All the buttons and switches are separated to the different sub groups so you can handle and find them easy with the VR-glasses, too. For example all the motors functions are in the console's rear end and the flight functionsare in the front end.

  • Metal case: Industrially laser cutted, bended and painted (1,5 mm steel)
  • Metal case dimensions: 360 mm (plate lenght) x 160 mm (case width) x 50 mm (case height)
  • 1 x MJ16/GVL224 circuit board: multifunction flight simulator cockpit USB-controller
  • 1 x GVL224 Throttle lever with MagRez hall sensor: aluminum handle with tubing rubber
  • 1 x GVL224 RPM lever with MagRez hall sensor: gray rubber handle
  • 1 x Vishay Spectrol 533 Precision potentiometer axis: Bf109/Ju52/MC.202 stabilizer wheel
  • 5 x Analog potentiometer axis: oil/water radiators, inlet/outlet cowling flaps and mixture
  • 3 x Digital rotary encoder axis: elevator (pitch), rudder (yaw) and aileron (roll) trimms
  • 6 x Push buttons: mission briefing, bomb sight, turrets, motors selecting etc.
  • 8 x On-Off toggle switch: lights, canopy, tailwheel, bomb doors, air brakes etc.
  • 5 x On-Off-On momentary toggle switch: FW 190 stab./pitch trim, autopilot left-right etc.
  • 2 x On-Off-On micro toggle switch: keyboard comms as ALT-TAB, ESC, STATS, HUD etc.
  • 6 x On-Off-On stationary lever switch: gears, flaps, radiators, propeller pitch etc.
  • 1 x Five position rotary switch: flare pistol's flare colors
  • 1 x Covered On-Off toggle swith: eject
  • 1 x Five way thumb micro switch: zoom in/out, Track IR-center, autopilot on/off etc.
  • Together up to 65 different switch, pulse and button functions

Price 495 € + shipping to EU Countries

Sales only to European Union Countries.

Components And Parts

Vishay Spectrol 533 Precision Potentiometer.

The new console version (from June 2018) has a high class and durable new component: a heavy duty VISHAY SPECTROL 533 PRECISION POTENTIOMETER for the stabilizer wheel axis. The new potentiometer has a long and more durable metal axis. It turns three times around it's axis (3 x 360 degrees = 1080 degrees). It means that it is much more sharp and realistic than the conventional pots which turns only 300 degrees.

GVL metal levers wit the Magrez hall sensors are manufactured in Ukraine. Some high quality components used in this console.

Subscription Form

Subscription is closed temporarily. I am getting new subscriptions not until on September 2018 because of the long subscription queue. If you want more information of the console, just E-mail to me and ask, please!

Product Pictures

Kanttori's Throttle Console - production model.

Kanttori's Throttle Console - production model.

Kanttori's Throttle Console - production model.

Most of the wiring cables are connected with screws and pin connectors: pots, buttons and switches are easy to change when needed.

LLv44_Kanttori's Home Cockpit

LLv44_Kanttori's home cockpit: 52 inch NEC Multisync monitor, Throttle Console (prototype model 2),  Slaw Device 109 pedals and Baur's KG13 Grip (Lufwaffe) stick.

Kanttorin Kone Throttle Console

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